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BEN HEDIBI a.k.a. Ben Hedibi Hassan was born on 9th February 1979 in Tunis, Tunisia. Influenced by DJs like Mix Master Mike and Cut-Killer, he bought his first 1210 at the age of 17 in 1996 and started to get busy on the 1´s and 2s. His interest quickly expanded into the fields of production, so Ben started to make himself a name as a producer within the Tunisian Hip Hop scene along with Karim Rihani, Wissem Mareshall & Farid Mezni in 1999.

At the end of 1999 Ben started studying in Russia. While living there, he got into Cubase and in no time was producing for Bad.B Alliance, one of Russia´s most renowned crew at that time. In 2003 Ben headed back to Tunisia to focus completely on Antivirus advanced engineering researches. Four years later he founded his own security firm FSB Security Labs in France and spent the following four years coding his own Antivirus Kernel. While negotiating with some of the world´s largest Antivirus providers, Ben recalls, “a fatal stupidity of my own and a hard disk crash just wiped out my source codes, my dreams and my future in 2011“.

Having a family to feed, Ben returned to his family´s traditional business, butchery, and started producing again. During the following years he perfected his craft and created a sound that is clearly unique while maintaining the classic 90s flavor of his influences such as RZA, DJ Premier, J-Dilla or Grap Luva. After gaining worldwide attention with numerous remixes, Ben Hedibi is currently working on his first producer album.